Antonio Bonifati

grazie tante, thank you very much

How to pay for my lessons or donate to support this site

By online payment gateways

I currently accept the following online payment systems:

Skrill, formerly Moneybookers, Online Payment and Money Transfer Service

To donate or pay through Skrill, be sure to use my full name and email address you can find on the contact page.

By direct bank transfer

That is to pay directly in my Italian bank account. If you opt to pay this way you will first need to ask me my bank account number. I haven't published it here because I want people to be aware of bank fees before they pay money into my account — they usually apply both to me and you and in some cases can greatly reduce the sum I get.

if you live in an European country using the euro or the Swedish crown (SEK), excluding the UK
My Italian bank does not charge any fee for receiving cross-border bank transfers on condition that they are made in euros or SEK.

Anyway your bank may still charge a fee. Please check if the latter is not too much compared to the amount you want to donate or to pay for my one-to-one lessons.

This is especially significant for single-lesson payments or small donations. In this case you are likely to donate to the bank rather than to me!

PS: as set by current EEC regulations, any fee applied to bank transfers from euros/SEK to euros cannot exceed the amount you pay for domestic transfers. E.g. my Italian bank charges 1 euro for sending both domestic and international bank transfers.

if you live outside Europe or in the UK, namely your local currency is neither euros nor SEK

In this case my bank charges me € 7.5 + mininum between € 1.5 and 0.15% of the amount received. Your bank will also charge similarly or even more to send the money. We would probably be both better off if you use an online payment method.

Even if you are rich, please refrain from sending me large amount of money this way. Get in touch for better ways to sponsor me.