Antonio Bonifati

pay as you learn

What's my fee?

How much to pay per lesson is entirely up to you. I have decided not to have a fixed rate per hour for some good reasons.

Firstly, I do this job because I like it and because of the satisfaction I get in helping people to achieve their learning goals. Psycologically speaking, this is is my incentive motivation, not money. As a matter of fact, if I wanted to maximize my profits I could do other jobs, which are easier and would probably allow me to make more bucks.

So, I prefer to let my students determine the value of my lessons. In other words, you pay me for what you have learned. A student can assess that better than his/her teacher. “What you have learned” is also a good measure to evaluate the teacher, much better than any official qualifications.

I can afford this apparently crazy marketing strategy for my teaching methods are very effective with everybody. Early on in my teaching career I have learned a lot from students difficulties and refined the way I teach in order to overcome them all. Indeed, this feedback from my students still continues, although to a much lesser degree now.

Secondly, if you are poor, I still want you to be able to learn Italian well with me, if you really want to. Namely, if you are so poor you cannot pay anything, I will teach you Italian for free in exchange for your mother tongue, whatever it is. Otherwise, feel free to give just the little you can afford, without feeling guilty or ashamed. If you are rich, do not give me too much to feel guilty about that as well :)

No poor can disguise as a rich for a long time. I also believe no rich will disguise as a poor for no good reason. But whether you are rich or poor, whether you are taking a full intensive online Italian course with me or just some casual lessons, it does not make any difference to the way I teach and to the quality of my lessons.

That said, like everybody, I need money to make a decent living and in my case to finance my Physics studies as well. I don't have a steady source of income. To make a living I teach Italian and recycle old computers with the Linux operating system.

If you are very rich you may also want to sponsor me to travel to your place and to teach you in person for some time. I can make it whenever I do not have to attend classes at university, e.g. during the festive season or the summer.

Finally, you can safely pay me at the end of each lesson, rather than in advance. Well, if you do not pay a lesson, please do not expect me to give you more lessons until you have paid the pending one :) But please do not book a lesson with me if you are not interested in learning Italian and you intend to pay nothing for this lesson afterwards, because that will just waste my time.