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Important conditions and requirements when exchanging languages with me

Please read all this page carefully before engaging in a language exchange with me. Thank you for your patience and for respecting my time.

Exchanges with me are completely free. But in order to have a fruitful exchange and to both benefit from our exchange, you have to be fluent in the language you are teaching me. That is it should be your mother tongue or alternatively you should know it very well to be able to say anything you want and to always be able to tell right from wrong sentences, without any doubt.

Your pronunciation should be correct too, accent doesn't matter as long as it is native or at least near-native. You also need to know enough English for explanations. You do not need to be a teacher and know about grammar jargon, but you still have to be able to explain the structure of sentences and single words in your mother tongue, to compare it to English, to give the most direct English translation for every word and to list all the correct ways one can change the order of words in a sentence and their difference in meaning, if any.

I possess all the above prerequisites for Italian, the only language that I am confident to be able to teach you well and indeed it is my mother tongue. You have to meet the same requirements in the language you want to teach me. E.g. I do not even try to teach English, although I have a very good command of it. I hope you understand these constraints exist to ensure that the quality of our tandem sessions remains high and we both learn each other's language correctly. There is no intention to discriminate against bad language speakers.

Our initial levels should match too. If the language you want to teach me is already listed in the above menu, you can ascertain if our levels are the same by looking at my past exchange sessions - usually my level is no more than beginner, though. Here you can also try out my language exchange method online before you book a live exchange with me. If in doubt, ask me before what my initial level in the language you want to teach me in exchange for Italian is. This is to ensure that we both learn something new.

Anyway, if your language is not listed here and you do not know anything of Italian, it means that I also do not know anything of your language and in this case you can contact me right away for the very first “Italian-your language” exchange! You will get to know my exchange method as we use it during our first tandem, do not worry about having to know that in advance. It is indeed very simple and effective.

If your language uses a non-Latin alphabet, you should be able to type its characters in the chat window, so that I can learn how it is written. I will do the same for Italian, of course.

I am a language enthusiast and thus am interested in exchanging any language, it doesn't matter how widespread or difficult is. My method makes any language exchange simple and funny for both.

Least but not last, you have to agree for our chat to be published here for other people (including you!) to benefit from my past exchanges for free. I do not disclose my language partners name or any of their personal details, I do not advertise third-party products or services on this site and indeed you are not required to tell me anything true about you. But instead, feel free to invent any content that is not strictly language-related during our chats.

It is well to say I am only interested in exchanging languages.

If you want to exchange without using any productive method (not necessarily mine, but mine is ready to use), I am sorry, you better find someone else. I am not up for casual chats that are not very productive. The aim here is to learn languages. We do not have to forget that.

For the same reason, do not expect to have an exchange with me if you are only looking for casual online Italian friends, e.g. for telling you something about the Italian culture. Of course, we can choose the topics that interests us more for our exchanges, but without forgetting that the focus has to be language learning, we shouldn't get completely sidetracked from external factors. For example, we are not here just to translate the lyrics of that latest Italian pop singer who has just made the international hit of the moment. Please do not misunderstand me, I am not demoting the importance of culture, art, or music. These are very strong reasons for learning a foreign language. But you should not pretend to really understand a culture if you do not know the language first.

My language tandems are not the right place to discuss about my tandem or teaching methods too. Although I am always open to suggestions and new ideas in this area, this should not take most of our time, that should be better used to learn languages.

That being said, I'm looking forward to learn something of the most exotic and authentic languages of the world, and you will learn the beautiful language set out by the literary genius of Dante Alighieri. See you soon! A presto!